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Become a Member! Expand your connections, whether that means widening the circulation of your artwork, images and brochures, publishing information about your services, or simply keeping abreast of what’s current in Maine fiber. We invite fiber artists, fiber producers, collectors, enthusiasts, and friends to help us support Maine fiber—artists, producers, shops, organizations—by joining and building this organization. Your support helps us keep our building in Topsham open, make referrals to buyers and collectors looking for fiber art, send folks off to visit studios and farms, send out periodic Fiber News Bulletins, and dream up programs like our  Fiber Folio, "Learning Fiber Art: Guide to Maine Teaching Resources," "The Story of Fiber Art in Maine During the Past Half Century," "Fiber Travels: Western Maine," "Fiber Art Mini-Tour: Midcoast Maine" and our Maine Fiberarts Tour Map to name a few. Please consider becoming a current member of Maine Fiberarts and help support us in our endeavors on your behalf. 

Membership Levels

Professional Member $60
Supporting Member $100
Corporate or Sustaining Member $250
Advocate $500
Patron $1000

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS receive our newsletters and have work represented through Maine Fiberarts. Professional members may send up to 10 high resolution digital images via email, CD/DVD or flashdrive.* Send images of your artwork, shop or farm, or of you at work in your studio. Your images are shown to curators and to art enthusiasts, and are used in curating solo and group exhibitions for Maine Fiberarts. Professional members may also send up to 50 copies of ONE printed piece (brochure, business card, or postcard) for display. Professional members receive discounts on workshops, may have notices posted in our bulletin (including for sale items), may sell work through seasonal shows and our online art shop, and have a free listing on our Maine Fiberarts Tour Map. $60 per year

SUPPORTING MEMBERS, SUSTAINING MEMBERS, CORPORATE MEMBERS, ADVOCATES AND PATRONS receive all the benefits of Professional Members. They may also keep up to *20 digital images on file with us. Your membership helps support all our projects and programs developed on behalf of our artists and members, most of which are free. Contact us for more information on higher giving levels. $100–$1000 per year 

Membership Dues

  • The membership year runs from June 1 of the current year through May 31 of the following year. Dues are paid once a year during the month of June.
  • Any new or renewing members who pay their dues in June of the current year will have a full year of membership with their yearly membership due again during June of the following year.
  • Remember this date. If you forget to pay during June, but pay after that, your membership will still come due again in June of the following year.
  • If you are a brand new member, joining Maine Fiberarts for the first time, you will be entitled to a 5 month extended/grace period if you pay in January or after. In other words. You will become a member when you pay, and your membership will continue throughought the next membership year without having to pay again that June.
  • Of course, we are always happy to accept donations of any amount at any time whether to cover membership or not. You may use the same form.

Payment Options

Using the Online Form: We can accept credit cards and paypal using our online form. You can make a donation and/or join or renew your membership. You will need to enter your contact information if you are using the membership payment, but just name and email are required for a single donation.

Don't like making online payments? We are also happy to receive your personal or business check mailed or in person to Maine Fiberarts, 13 Main Street, Topsham, ME 04086. If possible, print out the form below and include it with your check.

Membership and Donation Form

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Contact us for other ways you might make a contribution. Maine Fiberarts is a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Contributions are tax deductible. Your memberships, donations and sponsorships are considered contributions under these tax rules.



*By submitting photos you grant Maine Fiberarts permission to use and distribute your photos on a royalty-free basis for news and public-information purposes at their discretion.