art by Ed Musholt

Pay Attention!

A fabulous new show consisting of coiled wall pieces, art quilts, fiber rush and sweetgrass baskets, a fabric teapot, cloth books, canvas work, papier-mâché sculptures,

framed fabric work, hand knit gauntlet mittens, felted work, Dorset buttons, and colorful balls of Norwegian wool yarn. Our current show is on view through January 13. Colorful sculpture, handmade reed and antler baskets, original art quilts, wild collage books, knitted gauntlet mittens, silkscreen hangings, a crocheted turnip and more. Give the gift of art this year or buy yourself a present. November 8, 2023–January 16, 2024, Gallery closed: December 24–January 2

Work by Nancy Bouffard, Mary Allen Chaisson (8 quilts held over), Sarah Coleman, Deborah Freedman Shekhter, Kimberley Harding, Stephanie Levy, Deborah Merrill, Ed Musholt, Leanne Nickon, Rana O’Connor, Linda Perry, Judith Tollefson, Debora B. Dixon.

Images of some of what was on display: