Way of Life by Susan Ferraro

Fiber In Form

Fiber In Form. Three-dimensional work by 25 Maine artists: Elizabeth Berkana, Barbara Burns, Mary Chaisson, Katharine Cobey, Janet Conner, Stephanie Crossman, Judith Daniels, Susan Ferraro, Kathleen Goddu, Cheri Goguen, Emi Ito, Kathy Angel Lee, Richard Lee, Stephanie Levy, Susan Mills, Charlotte Moore, Arlene Morris, Ann Nemrow, Rana O’Connor, Kirsti Sandoy, Pam Slaughter, Elizabeth Stoyko, Michael Stevenson, Jill Snyder Wallace, Melanie West. 

On view September 1–October 30, 2021

No opening planned at this time due to Covid-19 but come visit! You will find felted pods, an indigo book, a Covid statement, photos transferred to muslin, paper towers, shibori scarves, a hooked dreamscape, fishermen’s landscape, sewn florals, netted tuna and other surprises. All welcome. Masks required.

Gallery Hours: Wednesday–Friday, 11-3; Saturdays, 11-2

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