work by Allegra Kuhn

Allegra Kuhn + Peter Walls

Conversations: Paintings and Textiles 
On View: September 11–November 2, 2019.

Allegra Kuhn:  “art and design, fiber and handwork, have always had a presence in my life. I’ve experimented with most fiber processes, but tend to be drawn to those that may not be as ‘current’ or fashionable. My interest in traditional rug hooking or hooking with wool grew out of a part time job in the industry.

Working prominent fiber/agriculture festivals and fiber events allowed me to delve much deeper in the art and craft than I ever imagined. My collection of wool—with its rich saturated colors—continues to be a source of inspiration for my work and speaks volumes as to who I am and what I’m attracted to.”


Peter Walls, BFA in sculpture and printmaking from NYSCC at Alfred University, MFA in Fine Art from Louisiana State University..."has maintained a decorative and fine arts studio since 1995 collaborating with some of the most talented designers, architects, and artists throughout the United States." In the 1980’s, Margery Walls taught Peter to sew by hand and to use a Singer sewing machine; in 2005, he learned Shibori and Art Cloth techniques with Jane Dunnewold; and in 2014, he was taught to weave by Allegra Kuhn. His current weavings-paintings are the direct result of a painter weaving painted weavings and is strictly based upon play and the exploration of form and material. Fabric is painted, manipulated, woven, and reworked as necessary resulting in handwoven and hand-painted ‘Art Cloth-Artwork.’ Peter’s goal is to push his paintings and textiles in new directions not wholly focused on the craft of weaving or painting, but upon extending the boundaries of what he thinks possible for creating new, and creative, works of Art.”

 Reception/Meet the Artists: Saturday, October 5, 11 a.m.–2 p.m.

Kuhn-Walls Image Gallery


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